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Take Online Assessment or Pre-Employment Test now and make a successful Career is not just an another Online Assessment company, we are a life changer on a mass level by assessing student’s learning for career success and become global citizens. We are an integrated service provider, designed to help stakeholders to standout with 21st century standards, becoming more prevalent globally.
  • Realibity and Stability in Test Score

    The Test Score generated are manual, there is no interference of teachers. Thus, no partiality between slots for ranks

  • Validated Set of Question Bank

    Our Question bank are validated by certified professionals as per the requirement of current curriculum structure

  • Quick Launch of Test Deployment

    Fastest, Secure, and Reliable Assessment for students, helping them to prepare for job placement from early stage

  • Attain Competency and Don’t be a mediocre

    Regular Practice will enable stakeholders to attain competence and excellence. Don’t settle for mediocre life

  • Regular Assessment

    It helps to check multiple complexity capabilities of each student at every stage and empowers teachers to assess further requirement to improve teaching

  • Interim / Benchmarking different Assessments

    The student’s performance is evaluated at periodic interval, which gives a valid picture of student’s abilities

Popular KoeScore Assessment

Having over 5 million students worldwide and more than 50,000 online assessments available

Assessment Categories

More than 50,000 online assessment available for various stream and learning areas.


Education Institution need to have a clear vision of their roles and responsibilities to provide best teaching approaches to their teachers. The role of educator is dynamic one that entails having a virtual climate which inspires distinct and collective learning. KoeScore Assessment act as an important element for institutions.

Learning Assessment

Learning by Assessment is an open access mission for colleges, working on wide academic skill levels and varied educational backgrounds. As a result, outcomes of learning assessment in colleges presents an array of opportunities and challenges. with its wide range of assessment options serve all the needs of institutions and students. Learning by Assessment motivates students from early stage to prepares for job placement.

Placement Preperatory Assessment

Reviewing your scores before appearing for actual examination will help you understand your level of knowledge. offers a range of test papers of all the major companies, assisting you to prepare for your placement examination and find out how much you can score before you actually appear for your final written test and interview.

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Having over 9 million students worldwide and more than 50,000 online courses available.

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