1. What is KoeScore Assessment?

KoeScore Assessment is a fully integrated Custom Online Examination Management system, which provides an end-to-end solution based examination services from application registration to result processing. The assessments are used by Educational Institutes, Corporates, Individuals, Recruiters, and Training Institutes.

2. How Assessments can benefit me?

KoeScore Assessment tool works with multiple stakeholders:

Assess students’ learning at every Level of Education

Provide a platform where Entry Level and Lateral Level job aspirants can apply for domain specific jobs

Enables Corporates to conduct assessment within the organisation to know where their employees stand

Assist Placement and Training Agencies to market their services

Allows Campuses to evaluate the performance of their teachers and students on diverse areas

3. What types of Assessments are available?

We offer wide range of Assessments for different stakeholders. Our Assessments can be broadly classified under three headings:

Learning by Assessment

Employability Assessment

Industry Connect Assessment

4. What happens after the Online Assessment?

As soon as you complete your Assessment, the scores will be generated and will be sent to you or your admin for which you are appearing the assessment.

5. What is the process of Online Assessment and How-It-Works?

The process of Online Assessment for different stakeholder, varies from each other. For more information, click here. (

6. How can I take Practice Assessment?

Practice Assessment are like a demo test. You need to register yourself before taking any assessment. Once you register you can take the demo test from here (Click here). The practice assessment is free of cost.

7. How long can I take Online Assessment?

We have introduced distinct Assessment models on our website. The user needs to subscribe to our system package before taking assessment.

8. Is there any way to prevent cheating on online assessment?

Absolutely, we offer proctoring services to our clients to reduce the risk of cheating by students on an assessment. Also, we create multiple version of same question paper and randomly selected one using question categories by shuffling the question paper. The student needs to attempt the paper in a very limited time. All of these features eliminate further risk of students to cheat.

9. How can I get Proctoring services?

A proctor service helps you to supervise/monitor the assessment while you are taking the examination. It ensures the academic integrity during the exam. Not all exams are monitored under proctoring services. However, you need to take the special subscription package to proctoring services.

question paper

1. How can I export or import question paper?

Users are allowed an easy access to import and export question paper in order to generate reliable metrics. You can run single or multiple choice or open-ended questions. The question section enables you to view, edit, and add the questions. However, the user is not allowed to import questions. Read terms and conditions for more details.

2. How can I publish an Assessment?

You will find a Publish button on the dashboard which will allow you to publish an assessment so that you can invite applicants.

3. How can I add details to my questions?

Once you create the assessment draft; the next step is to enter the details of the assessment. We have given a basic layout for the users to add brief details related to the question under the column on Title, Description, and Instructions.


1. What are the basic system requirement to take the Assessment?

To take the assessment you need to have a latest version of any web browser and access to internet. You can use any computer system or a device with a web browser. For actual testing you might require Flash Player.

2. Do I need to download any software?

No there is no need to download any software. You can take the assessment in real-time. We offer both type of assessment offline and online.


1. How the scores are evaluated?

We can assist you to choose from varied of score evaluation option those are accurate, reliable, and very affordable.

• Teachers Scoring: Teachers can remotely evaluate scores through a constructive web based response for subjective assessment

• Machine Scoring: Our automated scoring technology is an excellent medium to evaluate responses of the student’s assessment, translating effective feedback from students to teachers.

2. How can evaluated my teachers, students, or employee’s performance?

Admin can measure the performance of their stakeholders by evaluating the performance of their students rapidly. Our full analytical report enables you to 360 view to the students’ performance based on the online assessment along with the growth report. This will let admin to identify the group of weaker section of students those require further attention.

3. Who is responsible for scoring the assessment and how long does it take it?

Scoring and Analytical reporting makes the process of assessment an effective to tool to measure the performance. We offer two types of services that is Machine Scoring and Teacher Scoring. Machine scoring will give you instant result whereas the teacher soaring depends on other factors.

How my students will know how to take assessment and if they face any technical issue while trying?

We will provide full training to the students those are not familiar with the online assessment. We have developed a practice assessment for students to ensure that students are not facing any issue with testing software. It’s important to weed out main issues before actual test.


1. How can I change my subscription plan?

You can change your subscription plan anytime you want. You can enjoy all the features of the new plan that will be effective as soon as you make changes. Please note that, your billing amount will not be changed until your next bill date.

2. Can I get invoice of my subscription instead of paying through post-paid mode of payment?

We built this service for your help, absolutely, we can send you invoice. Just contact our support team for more information.