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Education Institution need to have a clear vision of their roles and responsibilities to provide best teaching approaches to their teachers. The role of educator is dynamic one that entails having a virtual climate which inspires distinct and collective learning. KoeScore Assessment act as an important element for institutions in the process of teaching and learning which challenges educators to consider evaluation techniques that meets the learning needs to adult learners.

Assist Educational Institutes to evaluate their skills,make right decisions, and showcase their desired talent to employers.

Low Placements

1.Providing a platform where campus meets corporates

2.Enabling students to evaluate their aptitude level

3.Assessment making difference in the Post-Hire

Aptitude based assessment and Employability Assessment

Industry Ready Students

Alignment is Driving Performance

1.Competitive landscape putting focus on performance and productivity

2.Assessing campuses to gain insight into student’s skills, behaviour and working style

Skill based assessment from 1st semester to 8th semester

Benchmarking best in class and Planning curriculum & learning activities

Lack of Modern Aid/ Resources.

1.Allowing teachers to spend more time over teaching and less time over grading

2.A modern technology that enables time management

Pre-defined se of question bank

E-Assessment enables instant scoring

Poor Feedback Mechanism

1.No measurement technique of learning

2. Promoting Better Communication Competency gap analysis Develops Proper interaction and excellent feedback

Competency gap analysis

Develops Proper interaction and excellent feedback

Gap in teaching and learning

1.Moving to a learning centred academic paradigm

2.Obligating students to bring content to class

3.Providing meaning through real-life application

Regular Assessment enables teachers to assess the further requirement to improve learning

Aligning teaching and learning with current curriculum trends

Assessment Making Difference in Post Hire.

1.Improve quality of hire

2.Identifying high-potential talent

3.identifying skill/competency gaps for each job roles

Quick Launch of Test Deployment helps in preparing for job placement from 1st semester

Allow students to focus on career goal

Benefits to Stakeholders

1. Promulgate Institutions that will demonstarte clearly-defined accomplishment of students learning and emplobility programs.

2. Ensure that goals of the instituions are assessed

3. Ensuring that the outcomes of students learning are benefitted to instituions

4. To make sure that the core values of instituions are met effectively

5. Our end product is to deliver employbility to students, preparing them from early stage till final year.

1. Identify the key areas which lacks skill/knowledge gaps

2. Provide proper struture to circullum programs

3. Determing the areas of performance evaluation

4. To ensure that the skills that need to be deliverd to the students are attained

1. Assist students to understand evaluate their perfromance throughout the learning cycle

2. Prioritize each goal and make ensure the students has not missed any objective

3. Encorage students to focus on their career planning as the ultimate goal is getiing employed

4. Facilitating students to identify areas of improvements

Industry Connect

Somebody once said, when looking for hiring talent, you look for three qualities: intelligence, integrity, and energy. And if you don’t have the first, the other two will kill you. We assess all the parameters of the talent which makes the process of hiring easy and effective. is a unique platform, providing employability solution for companies, headquartered in Noida. We offer a wide range of scientific assessment with a constructive mass scale sourcing model for corporate. Our innovative assessment tool can be used across industry parameters in order to assist recruiters in the process of hiring the right talent. provides a computer-based multi-dimensional assessment and responsive platform with diverse content, providing precise assessment for employability in various sectors of industry as well as job profiles.

‘’Employability skills are general skills that are needed to get most jobs, but they also help you to stay in a job and work your way to the top.”

KoeScore National Employability Assessment National Employability Assessment suits those corporates across the nation to call for interviews on the basis of Koe-Score. Job aspirants will be assessed on the basis of:

A detailed, customized student-wise feedback report with their respective strength and weaknesses.
Providing special training to students with low Koe-Score
Getting range of corporates on board to hire refined job aspirants over different parameters

Key Areas:
Entry-Level Recruitment
Lateral Recruitment
Assessment for Training Needs
Code Stimulation


Career is foremost investment in anybody’s life. Our mission is to assist students to achieve success in their career by providing a unique platform for job seekers. Job seekers get a wide exposure to reach out several companies to whom they can share their resume and profile score. Anyone who have searched a job or looking out for a fresh starts knows how challenging is to get a perfect suitable job for themselves.


The process for finding a right job starts from searching the current job opening that suits your capabilities and later looking for ways to get into the list of interviewers. Just by sending your resume to the recruiters is not enough. You need luck. That luck is just a doorstep away.


Talent is something that should not meant to be hidden. If you have a talent you should showcase it to the employers which will increase your chances of getting hired. KoeScore is a unique concept that allows campus/institutes to conduct an internal assessment that is Session-By-Session Examinations. The institutes can evaluate further discuss the performance of any student which will help in long run especially for those looking for a job opportunity.

Written and Verbal Communication

1. Ability to think in advance what you need to say and write

2. Developing the point of questioning in logical way

3. Summarising Content

4. Developing a skill of listening

5. Make an appropriate use of body language and professional

Leadership and Management Qualities

1. Setting of career objectives

2. Mobilizing people towards a vision

3. Collaborate team leadership through effective communication

4. Developing empathy and Self-Awareness

5. Improving Performance and strength long term relationships

Exploring and Analysing

1. Making Clear Goals and Concepts before decision making

2. Systemic procedure of gathering information

3. Condensing information

4. Finding new ways to gather useful information

5. Contributing effective result

Organising and Planning

1. Setting up Realistic Goals

2. Concept and Strategy Planning

3. Operations Implementation and Evaluation

4. Resources and Alliance

5. Production of Collaterals