KoeScore.com is not just another Online Assessment Tool. It is much more beyond that.
“Koe” is a Finnish word, which means “Exam” and “Score” means “to succeed in an activity or to achieve something”. Together it becomes; “KoeScore” which means an Online Scoring System which is done through constructed-response questions.

In simple words, it is a mission driven Online Assessment Tool that connects primary stakeholder (student’s) with wide career exposure.


Our Mission

To develop a comprehensive and innovative system of assessment for 1st semester to pass-outs students’ in different areas, aligned to common core that is success in academics during studies and helps in getting corporate berth during placement or a career through increased applicant learning and areas of improvement.


It’s a performance evaluation tool which brings about benefits to all stakeholder adding measurable values. We offer a unique learning experience that will distinguishes college graduates in the workplace; develop an assessment environment that supports students at every level.

Our Team

KoeScore is India’s largest Online Assessment and Talent Management company for scholars and entry level freshers founded by highly professional and compassionate leaders with mix blend of Academician, Talent Acquisition and Human Resources that realized the necessity for establishing a company that would compile various web-enabled assessment for both campus and the companies.

Since, the beginning of the 2016 we only strive best assessment in the market using industries leading technologies. As the use of the assessment tools is gaining popularity in the world, we decided to come up with an idea which can solve the multipurpose of both talent management and talent hiring.


Prof. Sanjeev Sharma has obtained Bachelors of Engineering from Government Engineering College Gorakhpur and PhD. from Mewar University. Having a flair for Research & Development activities, Sanjeev joined R.D Engineering College as a Director. Sanjeev brings with him over 18 years of experience in Higher Education Sector. He dedicated his professional life towards a preserving knowledge while bearing different challenges around the world with the over 16 years of experience in the field of Business strategy, team management, talent acquisition, engineering, and recruiting.


With over 17 years of experience in Talent Acquisition and Human Resource Industry veteran who has guided number of innovative companies in managing, visualizing, attaining staffing programs to deliver exponential growth. Anubhav is responsible for driving company’s tactics, vision, and principle. He is a founding member and CEO of BetaEdge Innovation (OPC) Pvt. Ltd, a Skill Development company that helps clients to transform Staffing, Placement, and Executive Search. He Holds MBA from Lucknow University along with L.L.B degree. Only with one aim of helping various IT, Fashion, Grocery Start-ups in multiple areas of HR and only one purpose to develop practice among organization with their people for the benefits of businesses, economies, society, and companies.